Sharpened and Battle-Ready

It has been four great years since I ventured out into the industry and have worked with a handful of amazing clients, sub-contractors, and colleagues to arrive where we are today. In case you haven’t visited the office in a while, I’m going to share a bit about each of our staff.

Rex Stockwell - Rex wrote a recent blog about his role in the company, and specifically in relation to the point he has reached in his career (it’s a good read, check it out). What Rex didn’t mention was that he was recently given the distinguished honor of ASHRAE Fellow. This is an amazing accomplishment in his very full and rewarding career, highlighting Rex’s depth of knowledge and stewardship to our industry. While all of us here at Vibrantcy know of Rex’s exceptional contribution to the company’s projects, some of you may not know that he is providing a good deal of our commissioning services and guiding Colin and I through an in-depth visioning process.

Megan Mentillo – Providing technical energy analysis and mechanical engineering, Megan is gaining the reputation of getting LEED projects back from the GBCI with no review comments. If you’ve ever submitted an energy model for LEED you know that this is a rare feat, much less a reputation! She has also begun Vibrantcy’s foray into becoming third-party LEED Project Reviewers, giving her an inside view of the modeling review process. Megan is invaluable to Vibrantcy mechanical and plumbing engineering projects as well, beginning to serve our projects in very important management roles.

Victor Ceballos – Victor is Vibrantcy’s most modest staff member, though he has reason to jump up and down and celebrate his recent Certified Energy Manager (CEM) certification by the national Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). This credential is an important step in any energy engineer’s career path, which Victor is keenly aware of as he is becoming the company’s controls specialist. Having navigated many building automation systems this year, we are becoming experts in third-party controls review. He is also an invaluable energy modeler, diving into some exciting LEED projects, while managing several retro-commissioning projects.

Tony C’de Baca – I worked with Tony prior to his role at Vibrantcty, having the past privilege to get to know his outgoing demeanor and exceptional personality, and was excited to know Colin would be bringing him on. Tony has been supporting our M/E/P projects, using his deep experience to guide projects through successful completion. The addition of Tony to our team has given us a great deal of confidence to pursue larger design projects, especially when Tony and Rex are able to combine their shared experiences.

Theresa Lujan – As Vibrantcy sharpens our skillsets and tool-base, Theresa is building our foundation, with strong Revit and CAD Standards. With Theresa’s attention to detail and strong organizational skills our M/E/P engineering projects have a more solid foundation and workflow than ever. We are excited to see Theresa back at UNM, finishing her construction management degree, a program that I have deep appreciation of myself. We are thrilled to have a black-belt Revit/CAD coordinator on our team in Theresa, supporting M/E/P projects and laying out solar PV arrays for our energy projects.

Emily Scrimshaw & John Muhs – Speaking of school back in session, both Emily and John are wrapping up mechanical engineering programs. Emily is finishing her undergraduate degree at UNM and we’re eager to get her on more energy modeling and drafting projects. John is a new hire and Vibrantcy’s first hire in the State of Utah, working to support our budding projects in and around Salt Lake City. If John isn’t busy helping out on energy modeling projects, he is working through is masters of mechanical engineering with a focus on Site Specific Energy Systems.

Amy C’de Baca – Like Tony, I had the privilege of working with Amy in the past, giving me the impression of someone who is truly dedicated to quality and timeliness. Much to my excitement, Amy was recently brought on to help with administrative tasks, RFPs, and general office organization. Now that we have anywhere from 20-30 active projects at any given time, Amy’s addition will only further our ability to deliver successful and moving projects.

Colin Evans – Since the early days of cramming into a shared office downtown to traipsing across the city to a larger office, to finding the awesome place we call home, Colin and I have shared some adventures in our young partnership. Because we sew a common thread of energy efficiency, stitched with sustainability, we are able to see many of the same paths toward growth and realizing our goals. Colin has tackled the lion’s share of our small business compliance (insurance, benefits, 401k, etc.), and has been an excellent business partner to share a business with.

Myself – If you’ve ever asked me about the “leap” into entrepreneurialism you’ll know that I have no regrets and not a whole lot of fear. I’m truly excited about our future, and the future of our industry, fueled by realizing many of the goals I set out to achieve before taking the leap. As a team we were recently honored as one of New Mexico’s fastest growing business and earned two awards from PNM for our retro-commissioning success. Stop by some time, if nothing else but to say hi, we’re always glad to welcome visitors!